My brother forwarded me this blog entry about the state of calendaring in the Open Source community. Good news: we’re mentioned in there. Bad news: it’s not moving even close to the speed potential users would like it to be.

Indeed, I empathize. If we needed any more motivation for getting our Preview out sooner, there it is: an eager community of potential users. At least it’s good to see our vision is shared by some.


6 Responses to Strassblog

  1. Strass says:

    Indeed, I really like the vision behind Chandler/Cosmo (that’s why I pursue the project’s advances for 2 years now). But it’s really frustrating to have to wait for so long for a calendaring/groupware solution (and that’s true for all the others open source projects).

  2. pbossut says:

    Honestly, the thing we *really* do need on the Chandler/Cosmo to make progress right now are… early adopters! I mean: we can (and we do often on our mailing lists…) discuss about features till the cows come home *but* the real test is having a good representative set of real users challenging us. Strass, if you feel like a guy who could give an “alpha” version a try (as I’m sure you are), kick the tires and give us some feedback, please do!
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Strass says:

    At least, may be a much better “experience” for the end user. It’s the very first step to meet the software, and it didn’t really work (as you may notice, my login is strass and was created a few months ago) : I mean, it didn’t functionnaly work, and the “experience” for the end user is not really at its best.

  4. pbossut says:

    Indeed Strass, I must agree that the Scooby of a few month ago (or even now) is terrible. If you prefer a web UI, wait for Cosmo 0.5 to come out in some weeks on I was hoping that you’d give a try to the desktop application, i.e. Chandler, which is much more advanced.

  5. Strass says:

    I *triedù Evolution+CalDAV plugin, Sunbird and Chandler. I entered quite the same data in all those clients, but none were found by the others clients. I don’t know if it’s a client or server problem.
    Maybe I should call you…

  6. pbossut says:

    Best is certainly to email the cosmo-dev mailing list ( We have someone who’s going to CalConnect meetings and he’ll be the best to decipher your problem and drive a fix in Cosmo if required.

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