Chandler 0.7alpha4 released!

Whohoo! We’re done with a new Chandler milestone. 0.7alpha4 is finally officially out after more than a month of end game. The reason of this longish debug period is that we decided to be really serious about the quality bar, especially as far as stability was concerned. I credit that to the new Traceback feature that alerts you immediately when a failure happens (instead of silently burying it in the chandler.log). This brought a lot of bugs to the immediate attention of dogfooders and we fixed tons of serious repository issues as a result. Andi (our repository guy) confessed tonight he was glad 0.7alpha4 was finaly out…

There’s a bunch of new features in there that I’d encourage you to play with. One of the very important one is that Chandler is now using the new Cosmo 0.5 server: it is now possible to view your calendar in a web UI in any browser from any machine. It’s nice to see all the elements of the ecosystem as we call it coming together at last.

The result is a really stable dogfoodable release that I encourage you to try out. One advice though: stay clear from messing around with recurring item from within the dashboard view. We have a bunch of known issues with that in alpha4 that we’re working on fixing in alpha5.


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