Buzz is a weird thing. A perfectly legitimate innovation gets dumb down so much down the buzz line that the initial genuine idea gets reduced to some ridiculous “new” tagline.

That’s what happened today (against their best intention I’m sure) to Novazone. Green environmental friendly tech beeing fashionable, the news of VC funding this company has been picked up by CNET and Michael Kanellos posted a blog entry describing the innovation as “a way to purify water and keep food fresh with ozone”. Well, turns out that I minor in Geology (which included a Water Science course) and ozone purification is hardly new. A quick tour on Wikipedia turns out that article which informs us that ozone purification has been around since 100 years (no less!): “Ozone has been used in drinking water plants since 1906 where the first industrial ozonation plant was built in Nice, France”.

The real innovation from Novazone (cleaner, safer, cheaper ways to produce the ozone on site) has been lost in the process. Bah…


3 Responses to New!!

  1. booboo says:

    Hi Philippe, did you see that today’s post by Joel mentions Chandler?

    Much love,

  2. pbossut says:

    Hi Booboo, the amazing thing is that it took only 2 minutes between the moment Ted send us an email mentioning Joel’s blog post and your post here… Amazing!

    I read Joel’s post and it doesn’t say much about Chandler except that, well, it took a long time… One thing that Scott’s book makes appropriately clear (I already perused an electronic copy) is how much a project evolve between its original impetus and its first incarnation. There’s little in common between the P2P client initially envisioned and the current Chandler/Cosmo/Scooby combo. Just take a peak at the current 0.7alpha4 and you’ll see what I mean.

    We’ll have our first truly usable version by spring 2007 and I hope to count you as an early adopter Booboo…

    Much love in return (whoever you are… 🙂 )

  3. booboo says:

    Hi Philippe, well if Joel mentions it who am I not to use it? No seriously, I am intrigued by this new again old new Outlook killer so I’ll give it a try!

    Keep up the good work,

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