New Year Resolutions…

I haven’t written down a set of New Year resolutions really and I certainly would’t share personal ones here if I had but I think I can make 2 public:

  • Ship it!
  • Get people to use it!

it being of course the Cosmo/Chandler combo (that I’ll call Chandler here under for convenience).

After all these years of development we have waaay more code and stuff to show than any start up would wish to have. Some of it might already be over designed or over engineered. The most important thing right now is to get a decent group of people (real ones, not just OSAF “dogfooders”) to tinker with the thing and give us feedback. It’s clear to me that it’s
time for a community of users to emerge and give us some guidance on where they’d like this thing to go, which problem they are trying to solve with it.

It’s not that we don’t know what to do. Our Wikis, mailing list, Bugzilla are chock full of ideas. All good and interesting. We even have dreamed users (personas) and build scenarios and use cases… and we can continue to do that till the end of time.

But code that doesn’t get used is pointless and too frustrating to work on (for me at least). After a while, I feel I’m just spinning my wheel and my creativity far being freed by the absence of real users burden actually fades: nothing better than a real life scenario, a real user with a real problem to really kick my pants and get me going.

So, yes, 2007 will be the year where people are going to start using Chandler. That’s my resolution for the year.


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