How programming is like sex

We’re starting to see quite a bit of bytes getting thrown after Scott Rosenberg’s Dreaming in Code. I’ll certainly have other opportunities to talk about that book once I read it in details (I only perused a copy so far and I do recommend it, and not just because Scott’s a great guy) and, likely, get asked by commentators here my take on this or that aspect of Chandler’s story.

In the meantime, I read Scott’s interview in CIO Insight and can’t help but lift that quote: “in so many books about making technology, you’d get to the point where people actually start creating the software and then it would be kind of like the sex scene in an old movie: They would just skip it, cut to the next morning, cut to the marketing team getting ready to ship the product.”

Wow! Sex as a metaphor for Writing software. Hmmm… Not that inadequate may be, since, like sex, writing software:

  • requires a tremendous up stream effort for often disappointing results
  • everybody professes deep knowledge of it but no one really knows anything about it
  • passed success is no guarantee for future success
  • real experts are somewhat creppy
  • you have more opinions on the subject than facts
  • everybody thinks he (or she) is doing it right and everybody else is doing it wrong
  • leave you open to serious issues if done without caution
  • can easily turn into a 24 by 7 obsession
  • has a high productivity peak late at night
  • we’re all too impatient to do what it takes to make it really right
  • at some point, you got to “ship it” even if it’s not perfect
  • in the end, it’s really a miracle that we can get it done at all…

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