MacIE Spotting

February 12, 2007

Back in the days when I was at Microsoft working on Internet Explorer for Mac OS X, we played a game called “MacIE spotting”: mentions any occurence of ads or other printed material where a screenshot of a webpage sporting MacIE was used. Since Macs were (and still are) a favorite in advertisement shootings, and since “web browsing” seems to be the only cool activity to do on them, MacIE was seen everywhere from apparel ads to techies articles.

MacIE died long ago (circa 2003) so it was somewhat cute to see it resurected today on the front page of the “Real Estate” section of the New York Times: the whole page is laid out as a mock up “browser” and sports on its top the MacIE for OS X toolbar. Of course, the web version of the article doesn’t show this. You’ll have to buy the print version to see it.

Note also that the same issue of the NYT mentions Chandler in its business section.