I’ve been way too busy recently with Chandler to post here. I’ve been waiting for Feature Complete to make a big splash or something like that… Bad habit…

So tonight I’m moved to post to report on FLOSS in my home country (France). It’s pretty interesting to see how things are evolving and, as always in France, things can look very idle, even stalled and then, boom, everything falls into place and move really fast. Something like that is happening with FLOSS over there.

I reported here some time ago about the French parliament adopting Linux. At the time Strassblog pointed me to the emerging SSLL movement. So that’s government and professionals acting. Good but not enough.

Now, thanks to an article in Le Monde on the upcoming Libre-en-fête event, I’m discovering the user movements. I think I’ll be tracking what the April and AFUL are doing in the next few months. I can see Chandler as an interesting addition to the soup of free software used over there.


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