Republique 2.0

An article in Le Monde pointed me to a voluminous “dossier” signed by Michel Rocard (ex French prime minister) on the “numeric industry” and named with a good dose of irony Republique 2.0.

I downloaded and browsed through it rapidly. It deals among other things with Open Source, Free software, DRM and software patenting issues, all things eminently interesting for the author this blog.

It’s in French of course but I’ll read it and try to post a critique on it later here.


3 Responses to Republique 2.0

  1. Yves Lambert says:

    Well if you need a translation I can manage to doo that…

    We are in dissidence right now.

    We may have to need some help.

  2. pbossut says:

    Merci Yves mais comme le français est ma langue natale, je crois pouvoir me débrouiller tout seul… 🙂
    En ce qui concerne mon retard dans le commentaire de ce document, ben, c’est un morceau et Chandler m’a pris a peu près tout mon temps ces dernières semaines.
    – Philippe

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