Chandler Preview… and more!

That’s funny: for a long time, I was preventing myself to post here because Preview was not out, now, Preview has been out since a month and I still haven’t posted anything yet… and we just branched and created RC1 of 0.7.1!

“Already” you might say but actually, the reason why we’re releasing an update is not so much because of the staggering amount of bugs we fixed or the new features (actually this new release is rather nible on that respect…) but rather because we decided to switch to a “scheduled releases” strategy. Gone the days you had to wait for months for a new version of Chandler! Now you’re going to enjoy a new crisp freshly baked Chandler every month!

We had quite a bit of discussions on the subject and we’re quite pleased with this new plan. It’ll make us more nimble, agile and, hopefully, more able to change course according to users feedback… this is where you come in 🙂

So, yes, time for you to download Chandler and let us know where you think we should focus our efforts.


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