Chandler on Scoble

So, we made it on the Scobleizer blog. If you have 50 (!) minutes to spend, the video is making a pretty good tour of the product though I feel that Chandler does much more (the Quick Entry widget and its capacity to parse natural text is the most underrated feature in Chandler IMO) and that the “email as a conduit”, though mentioned, will not be captured correctly by viewers. Well, that should motivate me to blog on those aspects, shouldn’t it? 🙂

Anyhow, this blog post translated into a nice spike in the number of Chandler downloads, proof that Scoble’s blog is much more read than mine (thanks for coming however… 🙂 ).

As for the bizarre comment someone left of Scoble about the Church of Scientology, I just wanted to assure my worried family and friends that there’s no relation of any kind between OSAF and that cult (considered as such in France for sure). I’ve no idea where this guy got the idea though I have to admire how he phrased it, a sort of master piece of libel.


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