Bound to Happen

May 13, 2008

We got our name mentioned by Wired on an article on… Virtual Sex… That was bound to happen: put cameras and internet together, throw human drive in it and what do you get? Well, that’s a market for sure, a “vertical” (though… in that case…) and Second Life hasn’t really prevented it to blossom. At least that gives us some idea for our next video…

I mentioned the paper to Mitch and that was met with lots of eyes rolling up the ceiling and hands waving in a “no, no, but what can we do…” fashion. So, for those following the progress of the Segalen project, I’m afraid to report that, if you ever want to see our technology applied to this, you’re gonna have to hack the code yourself… Sorry…



Bound to Happen on One Fell Swoop by The Spill Canvas, an “alternative rock” band from South Dakota. What’s “alternative rock” my friend Gina Arnold once asked? To which I offered my own definition: “alternative rock is : one good song, one bad song, one good song, one bad song, one good song…” 


April 13, 2008

I’m really not your post-crazy blogger type: I’ve been mentioned in the NYT and I still haven’t blogged about it… Tss, tss…

Well, it’s interesting to throw something in the public and see what comes back at you: absolutely not what was expected. The “holodeck” metaphor certainly never crossed my mind a second: where’s the 3D projection? And if you don VR goggle, why would you need a camera to track you? Inertial tracking in VR goggles works since decades now and some very smart folks have made it work within SL already in what they called SL as a Platform for Augmented Reality.

Well, it’s nice to see that this is capturing so much interest anyway. Trying to make things easier for everyone following the project though, I’m going to answer some of the questions I received directly on the HandsFree3D blog.