I’m a “Technologist-in-Residence” at Mitch Kapor’s KEI, working on a project code named Segalen. Before that, I was an Engineering Manager at OSAF, an Open Source non profit venture, working on Chandler.Before OSAF, I worked mostly in Digital Imaging and Computer Graphics, alternating between prepress, remote sensing, digital photography, graphic editors and renderers. Chandler is therefore my first foray in a place where there’s not one once of graphics… and I love it!… Why? Well, when you’re working with the right people with the right mindset for the right reasons, there’s a lot to love in your job…I’ll be posting on technology, science, Open Source and political elements related to technology, science and education. I might do French/American commentaries if relevant to the previous subjects (or in jest) but I’ll avoid cultural chit chat as much as possible here. I much prefer doing that with flesh and bones friends with a glass of wine in hand… 🙂


2 Responses to About

  1. Popi says:

    Phillipe I found the article in your Idle Loop
    John Horan

  2. Annelise says:

    Hello Phillipe,
    I just discovered Chandler and saw that you are the one who provided the French version. I’m an English-French translator and I’d like to contribute to improve the French UI strings. Are you the one I should work with?
    Please keep me posted.
    Kind regards

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