My other Open Source project

April 7, 2007

OK, it’s not really Open Source (no code involved) but that’s one of those “long term do it for free eternal glory” project. I’ve been working on and off since 1987 (20 years!) on an archaeological project and, today, a fairly complete review of the dig appeared in print.

For the curious, it’s about a 5500 BC hamlet, a rare PNA (Pottery Neolithic A) find in South Jordan. It was a blast to find the site in 87 and dig it in 93 and it took a lot of times to get this published. Having the publisher based in Beyrouth didn’t help (things got a little hot over there over the 2006 summer…).

Anyhow, it’s there, I have fresh copies in my hands and I can’t believe it. Unfortunately for you reader, it’s in French (my part that is), so, go get your dictionary.

20 years… Whew! Clearly, archaeology in the Middle East doesn’t work on the same time scale as high tech in the valley… 🙂